How To Be Single On Valentines

For all you Single Pringles (like myself) valentines day is when the majority of us end up sobbing over our non existent love life. Hopelessly surrounded by all your friends who are loved up in their relationships and your praying that your perfect secret admirer is waiting just around the corner. But that’s when reality kicks in and you find yourself still curled up with a blanket watching and wishing you were the main girl in the romantic flick again. But you know what, gone are the days when I feel sorry for myself that I am still a singleton on 14th February.


There is nothing wrong in treating yourself. I’m just about to head off to Lush to pick up one of their bubbly bath bombs ready for my candlelit bath time. I might even indulge in a glass of bubbly and macaroons on the side. This will definitely help me feel relax and refreshed before for a great night out with the girls.
So If you have at least that one friend who is still single like you… my suggestion is, go out!! Don’t keep yourself locked up indoors feeling down. Have some cheeky cocktails and a nice catch up, celebrating that it’s okay to be single. Isn’t it fun to just spend your time having a laugh with great company even if they are not your lover. Let’s pick ourselves up and enjoy the fact we can celebrate valentines day our own way!


So go on, treat yourself to a little pressie (a bath bomb, bevs or even a new outfit/shoes to wear out).

You deserve it Singletons!!

Bright Orange Suitcase x

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