Benefits To A Morning Workout

I read an article a while back (unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it – I’ve got such an awful memory sometimes) about why getting your body moving first thing, for about 20ish mins, is the best way to kick start your metabolism. Studies have shown how more calories are burnt after a workout in the morning compared to when you workout in the evenings. It gets your blood and energy pumped up for the day ahead. It is also recommended that you eat an hour after your morning workout to feel the full fitness benefits. I usually use that time to get ready for work or my other daily routines before having my breakfast.fullsizeoutput_f4

I already feel the benefits of the morning workout! For one, I feel much more alive and awake in myself, which is always a plus. I also feel more determined with my day and I actually want to get out and do stuff, helping my mind become more engaged and ready to work. Trust me, I used to always want to lie in bed all day but now after doing this every morning, I want to be up and about in the early morning sunshine. Result!

The best workout routine I’ve tried is the Tone It Up daily workout routine. K&K post 5 daily moves (round about 10 mins) plus an added workout suggestion to slay your way to a fitter/healthier you. You don’t have to do it all in one go though. Sometimes I do the 5 daily moves first thing then continue the second section (or my own gym workout) later on in my day. Everyday I can’t wait to see what new moves they post. These two are definitely the gals to go to when it comes to a quick home workout. Check out their website and youtube channel for more slaying with K&K!!

However, there are times were I’m literally not in the mood for a full on workout when | wake up, so occasionally I like to do a small yoga session. It is mostly a combination of sun salutations (best movement ever) and some light stretches so slowly wake my body up and prepare it for the day. I might even throw in a two minuet plank (if I’m feeling brave). Afterward this, I like to go for a long walk or do a 20 minuet run to keep my cardio training up.


So go on and try to fit a small workout into your morning routine, even if you have to wake up 10 mins early, you will definitely be thankful that you did it. Lets bring back that new years determination for a healthier and more glowing self!!


Bright Orange Suitcase x

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