My 5 Ways To Help Get You Motivated!

How ironic, it’s taken me ages to actually sit down and write this blog post about motivation. I just feel as the end of February approaches, I seem to become less eager and motivated to do anything (even the thought of walking upstairs to get ready for bed is such an effort). All that New Years determination and spark I had in January has nearly flittered away. We are at the beginning of 2017, so why am I feeling like this? I suppose it’s that time of the year where nothing really happens, the weather is still bad and you sort of feel like your stuck at a stand still. I need to find some motivation and inspiration to get me back on track to achieve what | want to do. Everyone has their own little ways to pick themselves off from that dangerously comfy sofa. It’s just finding the way that helps you.
Here are my little ways that always help me become more motivated to get back onto my feet again.

1 – GET INSPIRATION!! For me this is one of the most important thing to do. Whether you get it from your fav Instagram lovers, reading other peoples blogs or simply from the good old web. Wherever you get your inspiration from, keep it! I like to take screenshots and put them into a folder dedicated for inspirational finds on my phone. So whenever, I’m having a down moment I open up the folder and look at the roots of where my path has started from. It’s so easy to do and with little effort required – just what I like!


2 – MAKE SURE YOU SLEEP – Everyone knows how important it is to get your 7/8 hours worth of sleep. I totally swear by this, because whenever I have little sleep, I tend to feel grumpy and lack a lot of effort to get out of bed in the mornings.This leads me to become lazy and unmotivated to do anything during the day. So I always try and get my beauty sleep as no one wants a sloth dragging behind them.

3 – FEEL FRESH – If you want that motivation back, you need to feel great within yourself! So I tend to start with my room, giving it a good spring clean. Give yourself a day within the week where you dedicate some time (even if it’s a quick 10 minuet job) to clean up the clutter lurking around your room. I like to do it on a Saturday morning, it’s a great way to kick start my weekend. Also, having fresh sheets is the best feeling ever, so changing it every once a week is just what you need to keep that freshness alive. Top tip – I always spend a minuet in my morning routine to make my bed. It just makes me feel more organised for my day ahead. Definitely try this! Honestly, having a clear and tidy room just helps me have a clear mind, perfect for helping myself to get more motivated!

4 – FIND YOUR STEPS – You need to find out how you’re going to get there. I believe little steps at a time is the best solution. So give yourself a plan, what is the first step? Write it down if you need to. I love using my whiteboard (that’s hanging up in my room) as a place to write down my ‘To Do List’. Once it’s done, tick it off and move onto the next step. Trust me, it feels amazing ticking off the things you’ve completed.


5 – READ POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS – Okay, sometimes reading these can be cringey, but what’s life without a little bit of cringe?! Yes, it falls under the inspirational bracket but it’s a good reminder of ourselves and it’s a great confidence boost. Instagram is full of positive affirmations that people post up, check them out! My favourite one is from Rachel Brathen’s book – ‘Yoga Girl’. ‘I am safe, secure and strong in this body’. I say it a few times in my head whenever I need that extra boost. It always helps. P.S – Read her book if you love yoga or want to start yoga, she takes you on such an inspiring journey that’s definitely worth a read!
So all in all, it’s now time to stop slouching around the house and time to get my ass back into gear. Making sure I sort out how I’m going to achieve my goals no matter how big or small they are and just put them into action. There’ a big difference between talking and actually doing something. So fingers crossed that this is the kick I need to get me back onto my feet and I hope it does the same for you too! Also, if you’ve got any other tips on how to get motivated, hit me up with a message or comment as I think it’s great to share different ideas/tips with each other in order to find the one that suits you. But for now, that’s enough rambling from me. Let’s get that motivational feeling back! Have a great week!

Bright Orange Suitcase x

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