Life’s Little Confusions

It’s been a while since my last blog post, but a lot has happened during this time.  I have discovered it only takes something small to turn things around.  In this instance, the turn presented me with a fantastic opportunity and I am over the moon for the outlook of this new adventure I have started.  It is proving to be stressful already, but the people I have met and spent time with are literally top notch and the stress seems to flow away. Happy days!

However, whilst this opportunity was emerging, I was also experiencing some personal confusion outside of this new adventure.
Why was I confused about it and what led me to feel like this?
I am the first one to admit that I am the most indecisive person in the world (I am not even exaggerating there). For example, in my mind at least, deciding on where to eat can be amongst the most stressful things ever!  I always want the other person to decide, I just hate choosing as I mostly prefer to go with the flow.  There are many negatives for being indecisive, one being that things you really want in life appear confused and unclear, as you feel you need to put other people’s opinions before your own and fit in with their wants instead.

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I kept asking literally everyone I knew for advice on my personal situation.  In the end my brain was full to the brim with too many opinions from too many people. This resulted in me finding it hard to pin point or even recognise my own opinion.  Another problem was that some of the opinions given were ones I secretly really did not want to hear – not ideal.
Eventually I had to tell myself “You know what, sometimes in life you’ve got to be selfish.  I need to think about me and my needs instead of trying to please everyone else and siding with what other people think rather that what I feel I should do.”
It may not seem like the natural thing to do, but if your gut is saying something, listen to it!  I have now started to believe that you are never truly confused, deep down you know exactly what you want and what you need to do.  Just be brave, listen to your gut and more importantly act upon it.  Trust me, by going with my gut I lifted a massive weight from my shoulders.  Think about it, at the end of the day it’s all experience to learn from.  I have had fun and learnt from it but it’s now time for me to move on and make some time for me again.
Don’t be scared or afraid of hurting someone’s feelings, in the long term it will hurt you both so much more if you allow the status quo.  If you know it’s the right thing for that moment in your life, then do it!  At the very least you can say you stayed true to you.
It is easy to point the finger at yourself and say you’re confused, but if you just take a moment and listen to yourself (not others) then you will soon discover the right thing to do.

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Anyway, that’s enough of me getting my issues off my chest.  I hope my experience helps you guys, or at least inspires you to just go for it and listen to your gut.  I feel a hundred times better and I am finally allowed to breath freely again.  Now I can live this new adventure, find myself and work on what I want.  If you find yourself confused believe me when I say you know what’s best to do and what isn’t, so just go with it.
Ah yas….. It’s great to be back writing my blogs again, so expect to hear from me soon.

Much love,


Bright Orange Suitcase x

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