My Mini Holiday Haul

It’s that time of the year to give yourself that well deserved break away.  If you are planning a summer get away abroad or maybe a cute little seaside break in good old Britain – maybe in Cornwall, always a fab shout- you obviously need to treat yourself to a few new bits to add to your holiday collection.  I mean, why the hell not?!  You’re spending the money to go, so spending that little bit more to make it extra special won’t hurt anyone…. well, as long as we don’t get carried away….. It’s all about that self control I  suppose.
I am lucky enough to have booked myself a cheeky get away to the golden beaches of Algarve, Portugal.  Such a great place to relax on the soft sands, breathe in the sea air and admire the beauty that Algarve offers.  All this in mind, I just had to go out and purchase a few holiday must haves, just to give my holiday that extra special touch.



1. Fat Face Bikini’s – I’ve always been a mega fan of Fat Face, probably because I’m a total beach babe due to going on lots of famalam trips to Cornwall since a young age.  Fat Face never disappoints with it’s adventurous bikini prints changing every year.  I just had to treat myself to one… or two.  I’m in love with their Green Leaf Bikini and Giraffe Bikini.  Both sit well on the body and are definitely comfy.  So no need to worry about anything popping out.  I would try before you buy, as some of the sizings came up a little big.  I’m not complaining though… fitting into a smaller size works well for me – happy days!

2. Zara two piece – Zara has been on fleek this season!  I would definitely recommend investing in a Zara outfit for the holz.  Their prints and patterns have summer’17 written all over them.  This two piece just says it all! I’ve had so many compliments already.  Whoop!



3. Coconut Lane Sunglasses – Can’t afford a designer pair of glasses? Coconut lane offer a fabulous choice of designer statement sunglasses but without the designer price.  I’m so excited to have discovered this website.  Honestly, this has got to be my best purchase so far!  I just feel so sassy in my new sunnies and they come in a super stylish marble case – extra sassy!

4. Topshop Sliders – Everyone needs a pair of slip ons for the beach or pool and siders are definatley the statement to go for this season.  My Topshop siders give a subtle glamorous look and still provide that perfect comfort.  Just be careful not to trip up on them… I do this a lot but it’s probably because I’m just very clumsy.  Oops.

5. ‘Miss You’ by Kate Eberlen – We all love to get stuck in a holiday read and I cannot wait to get my head into this book.  It is listed in Richard and Judy’s 2017 book club, so fingers crossed it’s a good romantic read.

6. Suncream – This is a NEED!! I just thought it was worth sharing my absolute bargain from Tesco’s – 2 for £11 Hawaiian Topic.  It keeps my skin hydrated as well as protected when in the sun due to the silk hydration formula.

You don’t need to buy an entire suitcase worth of new holiday purchases as you probably won’t use it all.  So spending a little on a few small pieces will still make you feel fab and fresh without feeling guilty/depressed about spending you’re entire months wage.  Hope you all enjoyed my summer treats.  Let me know if you’ve got any of your own that you’ve discovered.  Sharing is caring!


Speak to you all soon but for now it’s time whisk away to sunny Portugal! Buzzing!
Much love,
Bright Orange Suitcase x

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